Outdoor Digital Signage at the Races

Tic-tac, the traditional trackside bookmaker’s method of communicating betting odds across the course to other bookies has been used it the UK for decades. The system of using hand gestures ensure that bookmakers are offering similar prices around the track, to prevent customers—the punter—from taking advantage of lower prices.

Communicating with customers has always been simpler. Black boards and white boards have been used to display the current odds, which enables bookmakers to make adjustments throughout the day depending on betting activity.

However, these traditional turf-side methods of betting may be on the way out as outdoor digital signage can provide an ideal platform for trackside betting communicating.

Digital signage is already in use in betting shops as a form of communicating odds and prices, but with increasing use of outdoor digital signage enclosures, these systems can be taken outdoors too.

Digital signage offers great flexibility for providing betting information. With the ability to instantly change content, a networked signage system can have betting odds changed on all screens, whether they are in shops or trackside, immediately.

By using an outdoor digital signage enclosure, trackside-betting systems can communicate with each other, ensuring prices are matched across the track, doing away with the need for the old tic-tac hand gestures.

Outdoor digital signage enclosures encase standard screen types, and media players/PC systems, providing an all-in-one comprehensive protection platform. They are ideal for areas such as racecourse as they are not only waterproof, providing protection from the elements and extremes of temperature, but also they are tough.

Manufactured from steel, outdoor TV enclosures can withstand heavy impacts and have shatterproof screens, which provide safety by preventing glass breakage.

With outdoor digital signage, the staid image of trackside betting can be brought into the digital age, appealing to a more modern customer base.



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