Outdoor Digital Signage and the LCD Enclosure – perfect bedfellows

Outdoor digital signage now makes up over ten percent of all outdoor advertising. While not as ubiquitous as its indoor cousin, outdoor screens are never-the-less, appearing up and down the high street providing information, advertising and promotions.

This digital outdoor signage market is expected to expand too, with outdoor advertising organisations predicting a continuous rise, possibly ending up overtaking the number of new static signs.

Whatever the future holds, outdoor digital signage is here to stay but it has its drawbacks. Cost is a factor in this new industry. Compared to an indoor signage campaign the costs can be quite high.

The highest cost of an outdoor campaign is the protection. A normal screen can’t obviously be taken outside in the rain or other inclement weather – not without it breaking, permanently.

There also needs to be some consideration into the temperature the device has to work in, which can also add to the cost, especially in areas that suffer from both extremes.

And then there is the physical protection to think about. Even if you buy a waterproof TV with a wide temperature operating range, if it is not secured from theft or protected from vandalism, the device will either get stolen or smashed.

While some of these challenges can be overcome with the latest range of outdoor TVs that can operate in wide temperature ranges and are waterproofed (although few have physical protection) they are also highly expensive.

Often costing five times more than a standard commercial device, waterproof outdoor TVs are very expensive; however, there is an alternative.

LCD Enclosures are a cost effective alternative to these expensive TV systems. They house standard devices but provide all the applicable protection that can allow them to operate outdoors.

Waterproofed, LCD enclosures have temperature controls and as well as protecting the LCD (in a tough steel enclosure) they can house the media player or PC that is used to upload the device.

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