Outdoor Advertising Falters in the UK – But Digital Continues to Grow

Outdoor advertising in the UK, which has enjoyed steady growth for the last few years, is beginning to show signs of faltering; however, outdoor digital signage is still growing, according to the UK’s out of home advertising trade body, The Outdoor Media Centre.

Outdoor digital signage is growing while traditional advertising is waning.

The total revenue for outdoor advertising fell by 1.2 percent for the period April to June, say The Outdoor Media Centre. However, revenue for digital signage was up 10 percent year-on year to £29.8m for the quarter, making 14 percent of all outdoor sales.

Nearly £1 in £7 of all out of home advertising is now being spent on digital signage, and the sector continues to thrive, particularly with outdoor digital signage as more and more people realise the benefits of using digital screens in outdoor environments.

Outdoor digital signage doesn’t just have benefits over traditional, static signage, but also has benefits over indoor advertising displays.

Benefits of Digital Signage

Digital signage has several key benefits over traditional, static media. Digital signage is more engaging than static signs. A moving image on a brightly lit, high-definition screen is more likely to catch somebody’s eye than a static poster or sign. Also, the ability to upload content, remotely, without having to go from location to location, has cost and logistical benefits once a digital sign has been installed.

Benefits of Outdoor

The biggest benefit of outdoor digital signage over indoor systems is the size of audience. While a sign in a shopping centre or shop may get viewed by the people inside, a sign outdoors will be viewed from people passing by and visiting the premises. Not only that, if the sign is big and bold enough, and outdoor digital advertisement can be viewed by people on buses, taxis and driving past the location, extending the effectiveness of the advertisement.

Digital advertising and outdoor digital signage is expected to continue to grow while traditional print media is slowly waning, which is why so many advertisers are now making the switch to go digital.

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