Dynamic Christmas Marketing with Outdoor Digital Signage

Christmas time is one of the busiest periods of the year for retailers, and a good festive period can make all the difference between a successful year and a less profitable one.

This time of year, therefore, is also the busiest period for marketing as retailers and manufacturers spend a fortune at Christmas promoting and pushing brands to encourage sales.

As many city and town centres are decorated for the festive period, outdoor digital signage can not only become part of the Christmas scenery but also be used to promote and advertise.

The great advantage of outdoor digital signage is its flexibility. While standard promotions can be played all year round, come December, Christmas themes and promotions can be used to fit in with the festive spirit as well as pushing seasonal products and promotions.

The advantages of outdoor digital signage over other forms of street advertising and marketing are manifold.

Noticeability is one obvious advantage. Compared to the static posters, signs and banners that retailers use at this time of year for promotion, outdoor digital signage really stands out. It draws the eye and outperforms these traditional methods.

Another is the ability to schedule content. Christmas promotions can be produced well the festive period and introduced when needed; content can also be uploaded in real time so when some promotions exceed expectations, other items can be promoted to ensure all Christmas stock is pushed equally as hard.

And by mixing content with seasonal messages of cheer, perhaps using techniques like displaying the number of shopping days left or just wishing people a merry Christmas can encourage shoppers to spend or put them in the right mood for their Christmas shopping.

Outdoor digital signage during the Christmas period can greatly increase sales, profits and footfall into stores ensuring that retailers have as merry a Christmas provide great opportunities for retailers and advertisers during the festive period.

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