New Football Season – Outdoor Digital Signage for Stadium Advertising

The new Premiership Football season is underway with the twenty top flight teams in the UK battling it out for one of football’s most coveted titles. The beautiful game is now big business, with the value of players and stadia worth billions of pounds.

And while shirt sponsorship and ticket sales recoup a large proportion of the money invested in players, stadia and staff, football teams are always looking for new ways to generate more revenue – and digital signage is the latest method of maximising income.

Stadium advertising

Traditionally, stadium advertising has consisted of static print signs that have circled the pitch with the intention of being noticed by the crowd and TV viewers; however, now outdoor digital signage is being implemented along the edge of the pitches for several very good reasons.

Unlike static signs, multiple advertisements and sponsor can be displayed on the same space. This can be almost unlimited but to offer value for money each screen tends to only carry the message or branding of only three or four companies.

This is still three times the revenue generated from the same advertising space which is why these digital signage boards are now becoming increasingly popular.

And although these digital perimeter boards are specialist devices designed for stadiums, they are simply longer versions of outdoor digital signage.

Outdoor digital signage

But advertisers from all sorts of industries are taking advantage of this ability to display multiple advertisements on a single space by replacing their regular outdoor advertising with an outdoor digital signage alternative; maximising income and increasing exposure for the company that is being advertised as digital screens are more eye-catching and noticeable than their two-dimensional cousins.


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