LCD TVs the Next Generation of Computer Monitor

Computer monitors have up to now been traditionally bulky and took up unnecessary space. Often they take up most of the room on a computer desk and they are not very flexible where they can be situated either.

Fortunately, very few of us still use the bulky CRT monitor (Cathode Ray Tube) as they have all but been replaced by the flatter, lighter and more flexible LCD screens (Liquid Crystal Display).

However, there is one sector where the many old bulky monitor are still being used and that is in the industrial and shop floor computer system.

Many of these old CRT monitors are enclosed in industrial monitor enclosures which have protected the screens from the dust and liquid of the factory floor for years. However, many companies that require a replacement struggle to find a replacement that will fit in the monitor enclosure that the CRT has been housed in.

Firstly, modern LCD screens are a lot flatter than their CRT predecessors and so take up a lot less space, and secondly most LCD screens are built to modern wide screen aspect ratios whilst CRT’s where mainly the traditional square shape.

Whilst LCD TV screens are far more flexible and adaptive than the older CRT monitors they still need to be protected from harmful elements if they are to be used in industrial or factory shop floor settings.

Dust, water, heavy impacts and excessive temperatures are all problems that monitor in a shop floor environment needs to be protected against and the LCD enclosure is the perfect solution.

Like a CRT monitor enclosure, the LCD enclosure offers waterproof and dustproof protection whilst also ensuring the LCD is running at the optimum temperature. However, LCD enclosures are far more flexible than a traditional monitor enclosure as they can be mounted almost anywhere as their flat panel design means they can even be erected flush against a wall.

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