LCD Outdoor TV Enclosure – Now anyone can have an outdoor TV

Now TV screens have become flatter, lighter and have better picture qualities we are used to seeing them everywhere. Digital signage is the next step in out of home advertising and more and more leisure areas such as gyms, swimming baths, beer gardens and patio areas are starting to install outdoor TVs.

More and more homeowners are installing TVs in backyards, patios, barbecue areas and even bathrooms too but these outdoor LCD TV screens come at a cost – and quite a high one.

While the cost of outdoor TVs is falling all the time, they are still several times the price of a standard TV device. And while outdoor TVs are weatherproof and able to operate at almost any time of year, there are still issues that need to be resolved before you decide to place a screen outdoors.


If you are to place a screen outside permanently then it needs to be secure. Failing to mount a TV device or protect it from vandalism will see it either damaged of stolen and this can be one of the difficulties in using an outdoor TV – they may have all the weatherproofing required for outdoor use – but it can be exceptionally difficult to secure and protect them.

The best method for protection of any LCD device is to use an LCD enclosure. These steel cabinets will not only protect the enclosed LCD from impacts – including on the screen itself, but also can be securely mounted to walls, ceilings and floor stands – preventing any attempts at removal.

Furthermore, as LCD enclosures are also waterproof and usually contain the required environment systems such as cooling fans, heaters and other controls – they can make almost any standard TV device suitable for outdoor or washroom locations.

As protection for an outdoor location is needed anyway, the need for buying an expensive outdoor TV system is reduced if an all-weather LCD enclosure is used as any standard or commercial LCD TV will be protected from the weather and environmental elements.

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