Screen Media Expo Europe – Reveals the next generation of digital signage

The fifth Screen Media Europe Expo was held in London at the beginning of May where many of Europe’s leading digital signage companies were displaying their latest innovations and products.

There were some really exciting ideas on display at the Earls Court exhibition which saw 3195 people visit the show over the two days, an increase of eight percent on the previous year.

Nearly a hundred exhibitors were showing off their latest digital signage products and there were a couple of show stoppers that really drew the crowds and provided a glimpse of the future possibilities of digital signage.

3D Television

Following the resurgence of 3D films with movies such as Avatar, Up and Beowolf, 3D has become a buzzword in both TV and digital signage.

Whilst asking viewers of a digital display to wear dual coloured glasses is not really feasible one company at Screen Media was demonstrating a glasses free 3D TV system that has oodles of potential in the digital signage universe.

Based on stereoscopic principles, this new approach to 3D is strictly speaking an optical illusion but the results are quite astonishing with content spilling out of the screen which is really engaging and eye-catching – perfect for digital signage.

Intelligent Digital Posters

Another breathtaking piece of technology was the digital posters that can actually recognise specifics about the audience. Not only can these smart digital signage posters work out how large the audience is by measuring footfalls but also they can distinguish between a male and female viewer which has incredible potential for advertisers who can tailor content specifically for the audience.

This system is still in it’s infancy but the potential is over whelming. The system works thanks to a small camera and computer software that records and analysis the audience.

Outdoor Digital Signage

There were several outdoor digital signage producers displaying their IP65 and NEMA 4 enclosures that are waterproof and ruggedized for outdoor locations. Amongst them were the cost effective LCD enclosures which are becoming increasingly popular for those seeking an outdoor digital signage solution.

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