LCD Enclosure Protection – Digital Signage in any Weather

Keeping screens protected in outside environments is a key part of modern digital signage networks. Outdoor digital signage is one of the fastest growing aspects of the industry and when you consider the huge proliferation of screens in indoor areas – you can see why.

Outdoor locations have less competition and can attract larger audiences than an indoor system which is why so many installers are turning to outdoor screens.

Outdoor digital signage is not as straightforward as indoor applications, though. While you have the same considerations in choosing screens, content, players and locations; in outdoor areas the challenges are increased by the need to protect the digital screen from the weather and varying temperatures of an outdoor location.

IP65 and NEMA 4

Rainfall and other elements such as airborne debris are commonly dealt with by ensuring the digital signage or LCD enclosure adheres to either the NEMA 4 standard (US) or the European IP65 rating. However, rain is only part of the challenges a good LCD enclosure should be equipped to cope with.


Temperature is another challenge that outdoor digital signage has to be able to cope with. From the freezing depths of winter to the broiling temperatures of summer; both extremes will have to be countered for any outdoor screen to be able to function all year round.

LCD enclosures are perhaps the best solution for doing this. They have the advantage of specific outdoor screens in that they have the room to house not just cooling fans but also heaters, air conditioners and cut off switches (or a combination of solutions or whatever is best for your specific location).

As a solution for erecting digital screens in almost any environment, you won’t find a simpler more cost effective solution than using an LCD enclosure.

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