LCD Enclosure – Cost Effective Alternative for Outdoor Digital Signage

There are few business now who don’t realise the potential of using LCD TV’s for digital signage applications; they are cheap, compact and can be used for al sorts of purposes from information displays to digital out of home advertising (DooH).

What puts most people off using digital signage systems, particularly outdoors or in hazardous environments, is the prohibitive cost of using a specific outdoor LCD TV or industrial display.

These ruggedized and waterproof outdoor LCDs and outdoor plasmas can cost many times more than a standard LCD TV. And while these outdoor TVs are durable enough to withstand weather systems such as the rain they are not so good at withstanding the unwanted attention of vandal and thieves, a primary concern of any outdoor LCD TV system, especially if it is in unmanned areas.

Many of these expensive outdoor TV systems are also not designed to cope with extreme temperatures that many areas of North America and northern Europe have to deal with, especially in the winter months.

A far less expensive solution that offers genuine outdoor TV use – ensuring the LCD screen will not get damaged by rain and extreme temperatures, whilst also offering protection against vandals and thieves – is to use an LCD enclosure.

These flexible protective cabinets for LCD and plasma TV’s allow standard off-the-shelf TV’s to be used in areas where normally only a specialised industrial or outdoor standard device could operate.

Not only are LCD enclosures a less expensive solution to outdoor digital signage, an LCD enclosure will offer even better protection for the display as they act as entire protective environments ensuring he LCD is operating in the perfect working temperature. A TV enclosed in an LCD enclosure can indeed operate even longer that the manufacturers initial guidelines as the LCD enclosure ensures the correct temperatures and keeps the ingress of all particulates out of the device.

Even combining he cost of an LCD enclosure and a standard LCD TV and they are still far less expensive than a dedicated outdoor TV device.

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