Industrial Computer Enclosures – Protecting Vulnerable Printers and Computers

Computers are everywhere now. They are no longer just the sole requisite of the office but can be found everywhere from our kitchen appliances, cars and mobile phones controlling many functions and aspects of our lives.

Computers may have dropped down in price dramatically over the last few years but the replacement cost of a faulty unit, no matter where it is; is insignificant compared to the cost of the downtime.

For this reason industrial computer enclosures have been designed to protect PC’s in vulnerable locations and from many harsh environments that can be damaging to a computer.

Industrial environments are obviously a primary area where computers need protection. Industry contains many harsh elements that can finish off a computer: dust, dirt, water and heavy impacts are all risks in industrial areas. Industrial computer enclosures are designed to defend against these elements. They prevent any ingress of water and dust from seeping into the enclosed unit and damaging the enclosed PC. Industrial computer enclosures are also designed to defend against heavy impact, with the steel armour enclosures even able to defend from a forklift impact.

Industry is not the only area where industrial computer enclosures are used. Many computers are now left in public areas such as information points in high streets and shopping centres. While the majority of people in the world have respect for other people’s property there are still those that get a kick out of vandalism of theft.

For this reason many computer systems that are left in public areas are enclosed in industrial computer enclosures. They defend not just against vandalism or theft but also for computers that are left outside, exposed to the elements, they can protect against the wind, rain, snow, heat and cold.

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