Computer Enclosures – Protecting data

If you talk about computer protection and people automatically assume you are discussing anti-virus and anti-spyware software. At a pinch they may suggest that looking after data is also high on their list of security measures. But what if your computer gets stolen and it contains a lot of your personal date? Even worse what f it contains the private data of your customers?

The media is full of tales regaling the security services for leaving laptops and disks on trains and in bars but it’s not just government agencies that are responsible for data protection. Since 1998 and the introduction of the Data Protection Act it is now the responsibility of everybody that holds personal data.

It is not just laptops that get stolen either. While the average electronic notebook is a handy size for any thief, each year, tens of thousands of PC’s get stolen too!

Computers now find their way in many environments from the office to the shop floor and even in many public areas.

If a PC gets stolen then so does all its data along with it too. In fact even throwing a computer out after it has packed-in can often lead to trouble as hard rives have been found in second hand computer shops and even Internet auction sites containing important data.

Industrial computer cabinets or sometimes known as computer safes or computer enclosures are an ideal solution to prevent the theft of a computer and its data. These lockable safes can be bolted to walls or floors and can prevent even the most determined thief from getting to the enclosed PC.

These units are ideal for anywhere that a computer might be left unattended. Many of these units are resistant to the elements that a computer in some industrial environments may be exposed to. The cold, heat, rain, dust, dirt and fluids can all be kept at bay if the right computer cabinet is used, many of which are rated to both international and European standards. They can even be left confidently outside in the elements and will not only protect from any potential thief or vandal but also will withstand whatever the weather throws at it.

By using an computer enclosure or safe, can be placed in areas where it may have been unconceivable to put a computer before.  These sorts of industrial computer cabinets are used worldwide and are located in all sorts of environments from police stations, schools, colleges and information points in the high street.

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