Industrial Computer Enclosure – Selecting Your Enclosure

Industrial computer enclosures are now the preferred choice for industrial IT implementation. They are reasonably inexpensive, offer protection for all potential hazardous environments, flexible; units can be interchanged within them, and will lengthen the life of any IT equipment enclosed.

Printers, monitors, touch screens, computer towers, desktop PC’s,, keyboards, TV’s, clocks and any other sensitive electronics can be kept inside anindustrial computer enclosure. Obviously the type of equipment to be used in the enclosure will govern the size and style of the enclosure, however, where it is going to be used will decide the type of protection the enclosure will require.

Environments such as packing areas, warehouses and storage facilities are often dusty which is why many industrial computer enclosures are designed and built to be dustproof. These enclosures ensure that whatever is kept inside is completely protected from the ingress of dust and dirt. The European IP54 rating system is often given to dustproof computer enclosures as well as the international NEMA 4 rating.

For areas which are moist, damp or even for wash down environments and IP 65 enclosure guarantees protection of the enclosed IT. An IP65 of NEMA 4x enclosure can be washed down and for food processing areas can be manufactured out of food grade stainless steel to prevent any possible corrosion.

Some computer enclosures can offer both dustproof and waterproof resistance (to IP and NEMA satisfaction) they can also deal with extreme temperatures and heavy impact making them ideal for any industrial areas including heavy industry.

Other enclosure are designed and built to protect from theft and vandalism, perfect for any IT left in public or vulnerable areas.

There are many manufacturers of industrial computer enclosures but unfortunately many producers use cheap materials and poor engineering which is reflected in both the price and quality of their products. There is no reason why an Industrial computer enclosure, sited even in a heavy industrial areas should not last a lifetime if it is manufactured correctly.

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