Ideal Outdoor Display Areas

Using outdoor TV screens brings real benefits to many businesses. Whatever message or information that you want to get across – more people will see it outside your premises than will inside.

There are main two reasons why screens are placed outside premises: advertising – promoting their own or products or brand or those of an affiliate or third party; and information – providing news and event information.

Outdoor TVs and outdoor digital signage are ideal for this because no matter how many people visit your premises each day, far more will walk past it.

For retailers an outdoor screen placed on the frontage can also help draw people draw people in and the same can be said for other locations, not just retail.

Churches are now finding outdoor digital signage useful, not only as a tool for providing information to a local congregation; such as upcoming events and timetables of worship, but also to help engage other members of the community. As outdoor digital signage is more engaging than regular advertising this is helping to attract larger attendances to events and to worship.

Another area that advertisers find attractive is outside pubs, bars, hotels and cinemas. These locations are prime, not just to advertise the products and service of the premises, but also for affiliate and third parties as these locations are often meeting places and locations of large social gatherings – often of key demographics for many advertisers.

But perhaps the best location for outdoor digital signage and outdoor advertising displays is in transport hubs. From coach stations and railways stations, to simple bus stops and taxi ranks – these captive audiences often fall into the key demographics advertisers love (young and single with disposable income). This is probably why the transportation industry is still leading the way in the use of outdoor digital signage and displays.

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