Hidden Benefits of Outdoor LCD Enclosures

LCD enclosures are becoming increasingly common pieces of hardware in the digital signage universe. They are used predominately for outdoor digital signage and for placing screens in harsh or hostile locations due to their waterproof and rugged capabilities.

LCD enclosures protect from the weather an outdoor elements as well as being able to defend a screen from impacts and attack but there are some added bonuses to outdoor LCD enclosures that many people fail to realise that can help go a long way in reducing costs and increasing the likelihood of getting a return on investment.

Uncertainties of Digital Signage

As digital signage is still a relatively new industry there are several uncertainties that prevent some people from getting involved – namely the uncertainty in getting a return on investment (ROI).

Part of this uncertainty is generated by the unpredictability of taking an LCD screen in an out of home environment. Repair, maintenance and replacements screens brought about by use in less-than ideal conditions, over use or impacts (and vandalism) can lead to additional costs added to the initial investment which can increase the length of time you will get a return.

Obviously, a return on investment is essential if digital signage is to be employed, or what is the point?

LCD Enclosures – reduce maintenance, repair and replacement

LCD enclosures, whilst providing weatherproof and hazard protection, can also reduce the need for maintenance, repair and replacement. Inside an LCD enclosure, the perfect environment for operating an LCD screen is created by the climatic systems that ensure the correct temperature is always maintained. And as there is no ingress inside an LCD enclosure from dust, moisture or other foreign bodies the enclosed screen is in the perfect environment for a long and trouble free lifespan.

LCD enclosures, not only protect screens from damage they also lengthen the life, reduce maintenance and repair costs which ultimately makes the return on investment far more predictable and attainable.

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