Growing use of Outdoor Screens – LCDs under the weather

The LCD TV is a familiar sight in most people’s homes. Few people have yet to convert from the old boxy CRT televisions to the modern flat-screen devices. But the living room is neither the only place you will find an LCD TV nor is television viewing the only purpose they are used for.

Because of their shape and size – not taking up too much space – and the falling costs of these devices – LCD screens are cheaper than their equivalent CRT counterparts ever were – these modern flat panel displays are being used for all sorts of information provision, advertising and general marketing.

It is not only indoors that screens are being used for these purposes either. Increasingly LCD TVS and other flat panel displays are being taken outside and being placed on exterior walls, along high streets, outside transport hubs and even outside schools, churches and other public buildings.

The advantages of using this so-called outdoor digital signage are plentiful for both advertising and providing information. LCD screens stand-out far more than conventional static media making it more noticeable – a real boon for advertisers but there are other great advantages for outdoor digital signage too.

Because content can be uploaded instantly, and remotely, this makes it attractive, not only to advertisers who no longer need to pay technicians to post up new content, but also to information providers as up-to-date information can be displayed in real time.

This makes LCD screens really useful for organisations in transport that often use them for timetable information, while outdoor advertisers like the flexibility of being able to play content from several sources on a single screen and therefore maximising their revenue from the display.

Outdoor screens are becoming an important marketing and promotional tool and is made possible not only by the versatility of the LCD TV but also the outdoor digital signage enclosure that allows these screens to be taken outside and kept protected from the weather, temperature and other hazardous outdoor elements.

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