Growing use of Digital Signage around College and University – Australian Examples

Digital signage screens are not only a form of out o home advertising. Display screens used for communication and information purposes are increasing in popularity, and one area where their use is becoming popular is around education establishments, particularly colleges and universities.

The communication needs for further and higher education institutions differ to those of schools where all staff ad pupils attend at the same time. In colleges and universities, staff and pupils work to individual timetables with not all students and lecturers having to attend at the same time, and this can make communication difficult.

Of course, in this day-and-age, most students and lecturers have access to email and other modern communication systems, but these are only effective when people check their messages.

Notice boards have been a common method of communicating in colleges and universities, but they require somebody to pin up the information, and with modern campuses spread over large areas, sometimes even in separate locations across town, this can be a logistical challenge.

Getting messages noticed can also be tricky, especially as most students are so media savvy these days and are used to interactivity and digital content, which is another reason why digital signage is popular around higher and further education establishments.

Emergencies are another reason why many campuses implement digital signage too, especially since the Virginia Tech massacre of 2007 when students arrived on campus without any warning that an incident was taking place, with the university only able to warn students by email.

Some Recent University Digital Signage Installs in Australia

Australia is a burgeoning market and as fast growing as in Europe and the Untied States, and education installations are increasingly becoming common there too. The University of Newcastle in Australia, as reported by is using a digital signage solution to help their engineering faculty communicate information (course timetables, date/time and important notices) to students.

While the University of Melbourne has also an extensive digital signage network and even provides a map of their locations

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