Totem Digital Signage – Why The New Financial Year Is Right for A New Totem

Need a fresh advertising idea for the New Financial Year? Digital signage enclosure specialists, Armagard, discuss the distinct advantages of ‘totem’ digital signage.

You’ve received your advertising budget for the new financial year and if you need a wise investment opportunity for your promotional efforts, digital signage advertising offers you plenty of perks.

47" totem digital signage installed at Loughborough University
Armagard’s 47″ outdoor totem digital signage display.

Transform your advertising strategy in 2014 with a ‘totem’ digital signage display, after all, digital signage is trending and creating a fresh, futuristic form of advertising that is impacting the consumer audience on an unprecedented scale.

Totem Trends

Did you know? A 2013 research study, conducted by global consumer research company OTX, revealed that 63% of adults find that digital signage advertising displays ‘attract their attention’.

A digital signage totem provides an eye-catching focal point with which consumers can engage and interact. They can be positioned in prominent locations, both indoors and outdoors, and are proven to enhance the profile of business brands, make your advertising more engaging and provoke an increased response in comparison with ‘traditional’ advertising methods.

Totem Trivia  

  • Consumer audiences consider totem digital advertising displays to be more unique and engaging than other advertising forms
  • 62% of adults remember adverts displayed on a digital signage platform compared with advertising displayed on billboards, in magazines or in newspapers
  • On average, consumers are said to notice totem digital signage displays in six different locations during their week, meaning that their attention is intercepted across various locations
  • 58% of consumers consider digital advertising displays to be far more unique than other current forms of advertising
  • 48% of consumers find digital signage displays to be ‘entertaining’
  • 44% of consumers say that digital signage totems hold their attention more than billboards and internet adverts


Why a Totem Digital Signage Display This New Financial Year?

The New Financial Year represents the ideal time to reflect on the previous year’s endeavours for any business, particularly advertising and marketing efforts. New strategies are compiled, business goals are outlined for the remainder of the year and you have ‘new’ money to invest.

With business markets growing ever more competitive, digital advertising continues its advance at an unrelenting pace as more and more companies look to keep-in-touch with, or surge ahead of, their competitors.

Totem digital signage displays have become part of this relentless advance as companies embrace digital signage on a whole new level.

Digital signage totems offer a sleek and stylish solution to indoor and outdoor advertising requirements. As well as being relatively simple to install and maintain, they could prove to be a cost effective method of advertising in the long-term.

Implementing your totem digital signage display at the beginning of a New Financial Year means that you can benefit from their impact immediately. For instance, if you’re a retail outlet, having your digital signage totem in place ready for the spring and summer season means you can drive more consumers to your store by advertising a ‘Seasonal Sale’.

Who’s On Board With Totem Digital Signage?

Totem digital signage displays have been utilised by a number of service sectors, particularly those across the customer service and retail industries.

Some common locations for totem digital signage installation include:

  • Outdoor Environments
  • Public Areas
  • Car Parks
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Drive-Thru Facilities
  • University/College Campuses
  • Museums

Advantages of Totem Digital Signage

Advertising Advantages

Digital advertising invigorates and injects momentum into marketing campaigns, so what better way to start the New Financial Year than with a totem digital advertising display?

Enhance your advertising for:

  • Promotional offers
  • Products or services
  • Your business brand

For Information Purposes

Totem digital signage displays provide the perfect solution for conveying information and can be used as information points. This is a particularly common method of use across:

  • Transport Hubs
  • Sports Venues
  • Art Galleries

Practical Advantages

Rather than being fixed to a wall, or displayed from the ceiling, these unique display units can be bolted to the floor, indoors or outdoors, occupying a primary position where they’re most likely to achieve maximum impact. They can be strategically positioned to your advantage in order to achieve the best possible results in terms of interaction and engagement.

Altering what’s displayed on the screen is also made easy. Changing a billboard display, for instance, requires manpower and is extremely time consuming. Uploading content onto a digital screen can be done using a memory card and allows for almost instant display.

The long-term costs of digital display advertising are also favourable when compared with other advertising platforms. For example, the cost to advertise on television can be huge and you only get a short slot.

Digital advertising displays are much more cost and time effective. You can change content at your convenience without extra costs and without worrying about deadlines. You’re also not reliant on a third party, you stay in control of your advertising.

Totem Digital Signage Enclosures

Totem digital signage displays have to endure a number of elements, both human and environmental therefore; they require a robust form of protection. A totem digital signage enclosure from Armagard provides the perfect solution.

Encasing a digital signage screen, within an Armagard enclosure, ensures complete protection against human elements such as vandalism or theft. Environmental factors can also affect your outdoor TV, for example, adverse weather conditions. Armagard’s totem digital signage enclosures are designed to combat various factors that could prove harmful to your display.

The danger of failing to protect your digital signage display means damage or malfunction could occur, resulting in an extended period of advertising downtime that leads to:

  • Loss of exposure
  • Loss of sales and revenue
  • Out-of-action signage, leading to negative branding

You will also be counting the cost of:

  • Engineer call-outs
  • Possible repair/replacement
  • Time wasted on insurance calls
Totem Digital Signage
‘Totem’ LCD enclosure.

Armagard’s ‘totem’ LCD enclosures are new to the range, a unique design concept manufactured specifically for the purpose of protecting totem displays, both indoors and outdoors.

Manufactured from powder coated mild steel and sealed to prevent liquid ingress, Armagard’s totem LCD screen enclosures provide supreme protection for all circumstances. Screens and hardware are safeguarded against:

  • Light or heavy rainfall
  • Temperature extremes
  • Dust and other environmental microbes
  • Electrical surges
  • Physical impact
  • Vandalism and theft

All Armagard LCD totem enclosures feature a shatterproof screen and can accommodate 42”, 47”, 55” and 72” LCD or plasma screens.

Totem digital signage
72″ totem digital signage.

Enclosures can also be fitted with automatic heating or air filtration devices, which help to sustain a consistent temperature within the internal environment of the enclosure, irrespective of external conditions. Such technologies prolong the lifespan and enhance the functionality of devices contained within the enclosure. The technology can also be easily upgraded in the future.

Enclosures also offer a great return-on-investment and lower the total cost-of-ownership against competitors.

The Armagard totem LCD enclosure is delivered fully assembled and ready for installation.

So, this New Financial Year, invest in a totem digital signage display and revitalise your advertising efforts in 2014.

Tempted by a totem digital signage display? Contact Armagard today! Visit our official website – – and use the ‘Quick Enquiry’ service. Alternatively, speak to our specialist sales team on 0121 608 7226, quoting product code PDS-47-TO-P.

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