Effective Exterior Advertising with Outdoor Digital Signage

Digital signage is still a new medium but it has become incredibly popular in recent years and is now a multi-billion dollar industry.

One of the most popular uptake sectors for this new dynamic out of home advertising has been the retail sector. Stores, pharmacies, department stores and shopping malls have all become veritable galleries of digital screens and signage.

However, many retailers are missing a trick when it comes to utilising this low cost advertising medium. While many retailers implement digital signage in-store to advertise to their customers at point of sale queues or around the store itself, they are neglecting to advertise their messages to those that have walked past and not gone in.

Outdoor digital signage is far more effective a method of advertising than interior systems. Whilst there is something to be said of using digital signage at point fo sale queues to push other products, everybody in your store is already a customer.

However, outdoor digital signage can engage those that didn’t intent to visit the retail store. Sale items, new products and other information can be relayed outside the store and can convince those that didn’t intend to visit to change their mind.

Also exterior digital signage will be visible to a far larger audience than any indoor system will be. While your store may attract a thousand customers through the doors everyday, thousands more will be walking past.

There are of course overheads to consider when installing digital signage in outdoor locations. Not only do the screens, content delivery system and signage enclosures have to be purchased but any exterior digital sign needs to be protected from the weather and has to be secured against thieves and vandals.

Waterproof LCD enclosures and other outdoor TV enclosures are perhaps the most cost effective method of doing this although waterproof TV systems are now being manufactured for outdoor use, although the price of such devices may be a little prohibitive.

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