Does Digital Signage mean the end of Billboards?

There was a time that if you wanted to advertise out of doors you would either have to hire a large bill board or pay somebody to stick posters up for you. However, high street advertising has gone through a revolution of late.

No longer are posters, billboards and other traditional print media the preferred choice for any outdoor advertising, now our high streets are become filled with media devices like plasmas, LCD, LEDs and other outdoor digital signage systems.

The advantages of outdoor digital advertising compared with traditional print media like billboards are many-fold. Digital signage is modern, attractive, vibrant, dynamic, flexible and easy to change and manipulate.

And now, with the falling cost of LCD screens (and plasmas) digital signage is also very cheap. And while the initial outlay of a screen and an outdoor digital signage enclosure to protect will need some investment, with modern screens and a good quality waterproof LCD enclosure, the same digital signage system can last for years.

Traditional billboards and print media is of course cheaper to produce, but when you consider that any advert that has to be replaced requires not only new prints to be paid for but also somebody is required to post them, the long term costs can soon exceed those of digital signage.

And digital signage is so much more attractive and engaging than traditional print media. We are all accustomed to seeing posters and billboards littering our high street that it is very rare for them to attract our attention.

However, digital signage still has a newness about it that makes it more engaging and more attractive to the eye than conventional print media and while it is doubtful that digital signage will totally replace the high street bill board or poster, most people will agree having contemporary screens placed around the area are far more appealing than peeling and half torn posters.

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