Digital Signage Standalone Units

Digital signage comes in all shapes and sizes, from digital posters adorning the walls of subways and concourses to the giant outdoor digital signage billboards along roadside. One form of digital signage that is highly effective for retailers, hotels and other indoor service locations is the standalone or freestanding unit.

Indoor free-standing totem with personalised branding on the enclosure

These kiosk type displays are becoming a common sight in hotel lobbies, department stores, banks, and around shopping malls and retail stores. Unlike digital posters and other wall-mounted screens, standalone units’ great advantage over other forms of digital signage is their prominence.

Providing a noticeable and eye-catching feature, standalone units invite curiosity by their prominence, and this leads to more chance of people viewing the content. Some retail totems even take the opportunity of having branding on the digital signage housing itself, which provides an extra level of advertising that people notice, even if they don’t view the content.

There are of course disadvantages to these standalone systems, primarily in the amount of space they take up. For a retail environment, this is valuable real estate where items could be displayed for selling. One area of a store that is hardly used for sales, however, is near the entrance. Many large retail stores keep their doors open throughout the day and because of the need for people to get in an out, the space by the doors is rarely utilised.

Outdoor digital signage totem–ideal for foyers and doorways

A standalone digital signage display is ideal in these locations, however, as it becomes the first thing shoppers see when they enter the store, and placed in the right location it shouldn’t provide too much of an obstacle that prevents shoppers getting in and out.

Of course, with the risk of rain and windblown debris, most standalone units are not suitable for these near door locations as they could easily succumb to the weather elements. But outdoor systems, such as the Armagard freestanding totem, provide an ideal method of utilising a noticeable and prominent digital signage display in a location susceptible to the weather.

Built to with stand outdoor environments, with temperature control, weatherproof housing and steel enclosure, the freestanding totem is a portrait mode digital signage display that offers real prominence and is ideal for front of store and foyer locations.

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