Digital Signage News UK 11.25.2010

Amscreen Continue to Thrive

UK indoor Dooh advertising specialists, Amscreen have announced further deals that see the company go from strength to strength becoming one of the UK’s successful Dooh implementers.

The company, run by Simon Sugar, the son of the BBC Apprentice star and former UK Business Tsar, Sir Lord Alan Sugar, has signed several new deals this month including 100 new screens in leading British stationers, WHsmith; motorway service restaurant chain, Moto arte also implementing 100 Amscreen units, and the company have just announced a deal with Sat Nav makers Tom-Tom, who will provide live traffic feeds to their network of 3,000 screens across the UK.

Following the new deals, Amscreen have cemented themselves as the best of the rest behind advertising leaders Clear Channel, Ocean and JC Decaux. With screens in many petrol forecourts, conveniences stores,  in leisure and travel industries, it also has a healthcare sector run by 2009 Apprentice winner Yasmina Siadatan.

Hello Celebrate the Royal Engagement Using Outdoor Digital Signage

Celebrity news and perennial royal watchers Hello have congratulated newly betrothed Prince Williams and Kate Middleton with an outdoor digital signage campaign.

The magazine is advertising their latest issue which commemorates the royal engagement using 50 JC Decaux outdoor screens in central London.

Upside Advertising – a gimmick Dooh could do without?

UK utility company British Gas have also hired JC Decaux screens to run their latest advertising campaign – with upside down content.

The electricity and gas suppliers are running upside down advertisements in 17 UK railway stations to match their new promotional slogan: “Being without heating or hot water can turn your world upside down.”

While this is a unique approach in the world of digital signage, upside content is a notorious gimmick long ago prohibited in the world of print media. While upside content works when only used rarely – the quirkiness causing people to take notice of it – it can soon lead to a plethora of upside adverts as people attempt to copy the sucess, and people will soon get bored twisting their head to try and read them.

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