Digital Signage–Making the most of Retail Space

Digital signage provides retailers with an effective form of promotion, branding and a method of manipulating customers to change their buying habits. A well-placed screen at a point of sale location or above popular items can inform customers of offers and other products that the retailer is trying to popularise. Furthermore, digital signage screens are a great method of reinforcing branding information, helping to instil company and manufacturer names and logos into people’s memory.

All too often retailers, however, litter their stores with screens inside, but don’t take advantage of the space correctly. A poorly positioned screen is not going to be effective at promotion, advertising or branding, so finding the right locations for a screen is important to provide the maximum effectiveness of the technology.

Around the store

Perhaps the most used areas of a store for digital signage are screens placed around the store itself; however, when shoppers are looking at sale items, little time is spent looking at screens so the most used space for digital signage tends to be the less effective. However, there are better locations around a store for placing a digital signage display.

Point of Sale

One of the prime locations for a digital signage display is at the point of sale, where customers are waiting in line to pay. This is because the audience is captive, with nothing else to do, so it is more likely they will view the content displayed on the screen. A point of sale screen should be highly visible, though. All too often, other promotional items surround screens on checkouts and point of sale locations, cluttering the screen up and making it less noticeable.


Store entrances tend to be forgotten about when it comes to digital signage; however, the entrance is a prime location for providing promotional material, as the screen becomes the first thing customers see when they enter a store. By placing a well-positioned and prominent screen in a doorway or entrance, facing the customers as they come through the doors, you can be fairly confident that everybody entering the store will get to see the screen.

Outdoor digital Signage

Another area that often gets underused for digital signage is communicating with people outside. While indoor screens are a great way of providing promotional information to customers inside the store, a well-positioned outdoor screen can help draw in customers (with the right message). Screens in window displays, on walls outside, or even in doorways positioned to provide content to passersby can all be effective methods of promotion.

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