Digital Signage Getting Cheaper and Easier

When LCD screens first started being deployed out of the home for advertising, promotion and branding, digital signage was an expensive business. With the cost of screens, media players, networking and installation, only large advertising companies could get involved.

But as the digital out of home industry continues to thrive, the cost of the technology is falling all the time. Take LCD screens. Over a decade ago, the price of a 38” LCD was close to $2,000, now, consumer grade screens sell for less than $500 and come equipped with High Definition.

Media players too are rapidly falling in price with small thin client PCs and other media playing devices, capable of delivering high quality content to single or multiple screens, available at only a few hundred dollars.

All-in-one solutions such as digital posters, which are ready to upload content straight out of the box for less than $1,000, while content generation software is also falling in price and becoming so user-friendly, most people can generate content without outsourcing it.

Even outdoor digital signage is now affordable

Even outdoor digital signage doesn’t involve the heady costs it used to. Using outdoor LCD enclosures and simple set-ups enable all sorts of small businesses and advertisers to use digital signage, and for low start-up costs.

Of course, using a digital signage display still requires some expertise. Knowing where to place the display, the type of content to generate and how to make it as effective as possible is still more art than science, but increasingly there are more resources out there to help guide you.



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