Digital Signage and Hotels

Hotels are a great place for digital signage. Signage screens can be used to provide all sorts of information to customers and patrons, and as hotels are a hotbed of activity catering for everything from weddings to conferences, the opportunities for digital signage doesn’t stop there.

There are a great many ways of using digital signage in the hotel industry from providing information to guests to taking advantage of advertising opportunities. Here are just some applications for digital signage currently being used in hotels across the globe.

Outdoor information

If there are rooms available or there are special rates for a night’s stay, displaying it on outdoor digital signage is not only more engaging and eye-catching it can be manipulated remotely making it a more flexible method of providing this information. As soon as a room is emptied the vacancy can be displayed outside ensuring would-be stayers don’t drive passed.

Indoor information

Check out times, directions to the bar or restaurant and other information can be displayed conveniently and flexibly in lobbies and corridors using digital signage. Touch screens can also be implemented which can enable the screens to provide interactivity and information so the hotel can provide information about local places of interest of can sell advertising to local businesses such as restaurants, theatres and other leisure spots.

Indoor screens can also be used to provide entertainment, this helps when the hotel is busy as it can make waiting times seem less and keep patrons entertained as they are waiting.

Taking advantage of promotional and advertising opportunities

With so many conferences and events at the average hotel, taking advantage of this advertising opportunity can provide additional income. Digital signage offers a flexibility that other advertising methods can’t match. Many hotel companies choose a digital signage partner that can upload relevant advertising to suit the visitors to the hotel’s conference and as it can be changed almost instantly different messages can be tailored to different types of audience which is a real advantage for advertisers who quite often are prepared t pay the hotel as partners.

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