Credit Crunch Advice – Computer Cabinets to Lengthen the Life of IT

Most companies sail right through a recession or credit crunch and don’t know the difficulties that they face until something happens. The roof may start leaking and it is then you realise the overdraft is empty or the company fleet needs replacing and suddenly the difficulties of the banks effects you.

One of the most costly headaches for any business, whether large or small, is keeping on top of the IT. Computers advance at an exponential rate they seemingly double in power and performance every year and are often out-of-date before you have them fully installed. For this reason most computers are not manufactured for a long life.

Computer manufacturers certainly don’t over-engineer their products, why would they? They know that the life of an average PC is no longer than two or three years but when it comes to tightening our belts, this can cause problems.

When one computer fails you can be sure it won’t be long before the It department’s phone starts ringing constantly with machines giving up the ghost, left right and centre.

The reason for the computer failure isn’t just down to the inadequacy of the components, left in ideal conditions even the cheapest desktop will run without problems for over a decade but unfortunately very few of us work in ideal conditions.

Workplaces, even the cleanest of offices, are full of hostile elements for computers. Dust, liquid spills, impacts, central heating and inpatient users; all shorten the life of a PC. And when a machine is installed in an industrial area such as a warehouse or production line things get worse.

There are bespoke industrial computers of course, but these are highly expensive and certainly overkill for a normal office or goods-in cabin. Industrial computers are also difficult to repair and upgrade and often require specialist engineers for even the simplest of repairs.

Fortunately computer cabinets and industrial computer enclosures are manufactured to houe conventional PC’s. These computer enclosures can house a computer, monitor and even input devices or just the computer tower itself. They can protect from the harshest industrial areas, often with IP or NEMA rating, guaranteeing protection from water and dust. Or they can be used to offer discrete protection to office computers. Tucked under the office desk a computer cabinet can add years to the life a PC.

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