Computer Safes and Data Protection – It’s Not Just Laptops!

We are all aware by now of computer identity theft, computer theft and data losses. Nearly every week it seems some high level civil servant of intelligence chief has left a laptop on a train or a memory stick in a pub and we are constantly being reminded on being careful with the information we throw out.

Yet in the UK alone identity theft costs £1.7 billion a year with fraudsters taking any opportunity to swipe data for their own purposes.

However, it is not just our bank statements and laptops that we need to protect, what about your desktop PC? The office and home computer is often overlooked when it comes to security but each year tens of thousands of desktop PC’s are stolen, along with the data kept on their hard-drives.

There have even been some high level cases where hard-drives have ended up on Internet auction sites packed full of sensitive data. You may even have a legal obligation to protect it. If you computers contain sensitive data from a customer and that machine gets stolen, you could find yourself in breach of the Data Protection Act.

A simple and inexpensive solution is to house your computer tower/ desktop processor in a computer safe or computer cabinet.

These are often small, discrete units where a computer can be housed in a lockable steel enclosure. These lockable computer safes can be fastened to walls or floors and can be built to be resistant to theft, tampering and vandalism.

Many computer systems are kept in public or exposed areas which obviously makes them more at risk but a lockable computer safe can make sure you have done everything reasonably possible o protect your customer’s data.

Computer cabinets like these can also add protection to computers not just from thieves and vandals but also from many of the elements that computers find incredibly hostile, such as dirt, dust, liquid and grease.

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