Creating a Protective Environment for Computers, Printers and LCD Screens

There is much more to protecting computers, printer, TV and touch screens in hazardous and harmful environments than just enclosing the device in a metal box. Industrial areas, outside locations and unmanned locales provide different hazards and potential problems for any electrical equipment.

In industrial areas the amount of airborne particles and liquids can be extremely high. Not only are industrial locations extremely dusty in many manufacturing and processing facilities, water and liquids are used constantly to clean and wash down surfaces.

So whether it’s a computer, a printer, an LCD screen or a touchscreen and it is to be used in an industrial area it has o be protected from a wide variety of hazards. Whatever device is used, the enclosure that protects it must be dustproof to stop airborne particles getting inside the electronics and causing havoc.

Furthermore, if water is used, even in small quantities the computer enclosure (or printer/ LCD enclosure) needs to be waterproof too. Indeed, some industries, particularly food processing, water is used very liberally so any computer enclosure of LCD enclosure needs to be completely water tight.

When it comes to outdoor use, there are other considerations to be taken into account. Of course, waterproofing is vital for any device that is to be kept in the open air, but also the device needs to be protected from the unwanted attention of vandals or thieves, especially in unmanned areas. For this purpose they need to be solidly built and be strong enough to withstand a heavy impact.

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