Industrial Accidents – Protecting Industrial Computers

Industrial areas are highly dangerous places. Heavy machinery, industrial processes like grinding and forklift trucks whizzing around can make the average factory a potential death-trap.

Fortunately, most companies take health and safety seriously, as they should, and death and injury are now fortunately less common.

However each year forklift trucks (FLT) are involved in over 8000 accidents and while death ian injury is quite rare, damage to property and machinery is highly common.

Even a slight swipe from the rear of a FLT can smash to smithereens a computer of monitor and while the unit may not cost much to replace the resulting downtime can be costly.
By far the best way of protecting computers, printers and monitors is to use specialist industrial computer enclosures. Made from durable metals including food grade stainless steel, a decent enclosure should be able to withstand even the most ineffectual forklift driver.

Many companies opt to store their IT in these enclosures even when the working environments are not particularly hostile, ensuring the protection of not only the expensive hardware but also valuable data.

An industrial PC enclosure is made from all sorts of materials including food-grade stainless steel and can house a conventional PC protecting it from dust and fluids, heat and cold (often industrial enclosures have air conditioners or heaters installed to control temperature) and can withstand dramatic impacts (some even claim to be able to withstand a bomb blast).

These industrial PC enclosures allow a conventional PC to be repaired or replaced whilst still keeping the same enclosure, allowing operators the opportunity to keep abreast of the latest upgrades. Many industrial computer enclosures can also operate safely even in explosive atmospheres as the circuitry is housed inside, preventing any dangerous sparking. They can also be completely doused in water making them perfect accessories for food manufacturing or areas that are frequently hosed down.

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