Choosing a Digital Signage System to Fit your Needs

Digital Signage is often cited as a low cost method of advertising to a large audience. And digital signage can certainly reach a large scale audience but the ROI (Return on Investment) for installing all those screens is not so straightforward.

There are numerous different solutions for digital advertising too; from the simple digital poster that hangs on the wall like a picture frame, to more complex floor standing digital signage displays and kiosks.

And the range of investment is just as wide too, with some simple digital signage posters costing less than a thousand dollars to the multi-thousand dollar digital advertising displays seen in many retail centres and shopping malls.

Size too can be equally as varied. Small digital menu boards just a few inches in diameter are in contrast to giant 70”+ displays commonly seen in many outdoor locations.

Overspend can therefore be a problem, especially for somebody new to the digital out of home world, and the higher the unnecessary costs, the less of a chance you will have of seeing that return of investment.

In deciding the type of digital signage screen(s) required for you campaign, you need to assess certain aspects:

• Location
• Operating conditions
• Visibility

There are really two big differences in digital signage locations that you need to be aware of: indoors and outdoors. Outdoor digital signage requires a lot more protection and waterproof LCD enclosures are designed to ensure they can operate in all weathers.

But even in indoor locations, protection is often a requirement. Think where the display will be sited and ask yourself what are the obvious risks to its operation; temperature, accidental impacts, dust – all of which need to be catered for with the appropriate digital signage enclosure.

Then look to the visibility of the sign. Is it tucked away or high above on a ceiling? If so, then you may wish to consider investing in a larger size screen and enclosure to ensure maximum visibility.

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