Can I use Digital Signage in Industrial Areas?

Digital signage is more than just out of home advertising. There are an almost unlimited number of applications for using flat screen TVs such as LCD and plasmas. And even in industrial applications LCD TV’s can provide a useful and adaptable method of displaying information.

LCD TV’s are used in industry for all manner of applications such as displaying process results and data, key information for employees, advertising, infotainment and even general signage such as fire exits.

Using LCD or plasma screens in an industrial locale is not as straight forward as just erecting a television set. There has to be consideration put into where the screen is placed and what type of hazards and elements are present that may damage the TV or screen.

LCD TV’s are not, in general, manufactured for use outside the home and they are not designed to withstand some of the elements of an industrial environment. Dust, dirt, swarf, liquids and heavy impacts are just some of the potential hazards that could damage a conventional TV device. And then there is the consideration of temperature. Many industrial areas do not have air conditioning or central heating and so temperatures can often exceed the recommended operation environment for a standard TV device.

Fortunately a simple and cost effective method of using standard off-the-shelf LCD and plasma TV’s in industrial environments is available in the guise of an LCD enclosure.

These inexpensive ‘TV cabinets’ are mostly manufactured from mild or stainless steel and are sealed to recommended European and International Guidelines (IP65/NEMA 4) for industrial enclosures. These LCD enclosures not only protect from all the hazardous elements present in some industrial areas but the also act as entire environments for the LCD screens containing both heating and cooling systems to ensure the optimum working temperature.

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