Backyard TV – Household Luxury on a Budget

Spending time in the garden or pack yard is one of the simplest pleasures in life, especially for those of us that only get to see the sun for a few precious weeks each year. Barbecues, parties, or drinks with friends, are just some of the pleasures having your own back garden can provide.

Not everything can be done outdoors, however, and often if there is something good on TV, perhaps the big game or a film premiere, you have to leave the sunshine and head back indoors.

Outdoor TVs are available but as they are highly expensive and perhaps only affordable to a select few and perhaps only be justifiable in locations where outdoor living is more than just for a few weeks a year. Outdoor TVs are also extremely vulnerable and make a tempting target for thieves so if you do install one it has to be properly secured.

For those of us unable to justify the many thousands of dollars for an outdoor TV, there is an alternative solution that enables you to watch TV outside, securely, safely and for a fraction of the cost.

An outdoor TV enclosure, as the name suggests, is an enclosure that allows standard TV devices to be taken outdoors. As these waterproof and weatherproof cabinets can house almost any make or model of modern flat screen TV—either LCD or plasma—you can choose to use either an old TV knocking around the home, or buy a new one, just for outside.

And whatever option you decide, the total cost of the outdoor enclosure and TV will be many times less than that of an outdoor screen. Furthermore, outdoor TV enclosures not only protect the TV from the elements, ensuring it stays dry, they also maintain a steady internal temperature so the screen can be left out throughout the year.

LCD enclosures are also tough, made from steel, with shatterproof screens that can be securely mounted making the outdoor TV resistant to both vandalism and theft.

Outdoor TV Enclosure
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