Armagard’s Medical Keyboards

Medical Keyboards provide a safer environment in an industry where germs, bacteria and viruses are lethal. It’s extremely durable and is built to withstand the kind of rigorous cleaning that would render other keyboards useless, making medical keyboards widely used in hospitals and other medical facilities. With its sealed feature the transfer of germs is minimized.

Healthy environments become healthier. Ideal for working environments such as:
Hospitals, Dentists, Pharmaceutical, Clean room technology, and any other clean dependent environment.

All medical keyboards meet NEMA 4/ IP65 specifications. Choose from our select of flexible and rugged keyboards.

The flexible silicone-base keyboards provide a soft comfortable feel. Has the ability to roll up or fold away for easy storage and is great for travelling. The keyboards dust and waterproof feature allows for easy disinfecting and sterilization, which is essential for a clean medical environment.

With the rugged keyboard it is the perfect solution for those tough environments, and is used in areas such as: – operating rooms, – patient rooms, – on carts in ICUs and with retractable workstations.

The rugged keyboards are manufactured to the highest standard of quality, and is also a convent compact size, saving you space in the demanding work environment.

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