Armagard – Breakdowns in Brake Production

When leading brake manufacturer, Brembo S.p.A, introduced new, advanced computer-controlled manufacturing processes, they kept having computer breakdowns as the brake dust generated on the shopfloor kept disabling their computers.

Armagard's Penc 700

Unsure what to do, Brembo, who amongst other things provide brakes for MOTOGP, the world GP motorbike championship, thought they would need to continuously replace their PCs, knowing they would soon fail due to the high level of carbon dust, or start using industrial computers, compromising on performance and costing far more than standard equipment.

Not wanting to compromise on their production IT, the brake specialists turned to Armagard and their PENC and SENC 700 computer enclosures.

Designed to accommodate standard PCs and monitors, Armagard’s PENC 700 computer enclosure is IP 54 rated, providing dustproof protection. While the stainless steel SENC 700 provides waterproof protection too, enabling washdown.

With a their computers housed in the Armagard enclosure, dust and other airborne particles are unable to penetrate, providing the optimum dust-free environment for their shop floor computers.

Director of ICT at Brembo in Bergamo, Italy, said: “After introducing the solution offered by Armagard, we have solved our problems and dramatically reduced the frequency of failures. Armagard have provided a product that fully satisfies our needs. “

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