An Outdoor TV for Summer

With summer finally arriving and the cold and misery of winter now being usurped by the sun, more and more people are looking to spend more time in the garden, back yard or patio.

Outdoor living is increasingly common with barbecues allowing us to cooks and many of us owning outdoor furniture and evening garden lighting to allow us to enjoy the garden even longer into the evenings.

One thing we have to go back inside for when enjoying the back garden, however, is the television. Whether it’s a big game, favourite soap opera or other TV show, being able to watch TV outdoors is a consideration few ever think of.

Outdoor televisions are available, used primarily by pub and bars for outdoor entertainment, and while a few homeowners may feel they can afford and justify it as a luxury, for most people the price tag is just too high.

Of course, a standard television won’t last long if taken outdoors, not only will the first rain shower finish it off but consumer grade TVs are only designed to operate in relatively stable indoor locations where temperatures are constant, and not outdoors where temperatures can vary from sub zero to broiling hot.

Placing a screen outside also makes it a tempting target for thieves, so any screen placed in outdoors is going to need to be protected.

A simple, cost effective and secure solution for providing outdoor TV entertainment while avoiding the high costs and dangers of outdoor TV use is a standard TV but secure it outside in an outdoor TV enclosure.

Designed for all types of modern flat screen TVs like plasmas or LCDs, outdoor TV enclosures allow standard consumer grade screens, the types we use in our living rooms and bedrooms, to be taken outside and used safely and securely.

Outdoor TV enclosures are waterproof allowing them to kept outdoors in the rain, they also contain climatic systems such as fans and heaters so they can operate outdoors regardless of the ambient temperatures.

Manufactured from steel with shatterproof screens they are also secure preventing attempts at theft and vandalism to provide a cost effective, secure and reliable form of outdoor TV entertainment.

TV in an outdoor enclosure

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