Alternative Solution to Outdoor Digital Signage

The use of modern TV technology in the signage industry has increased dramatically as the prices of LCD and plasma screens have plummeted in recent years. The technology has also increased in performance with better picture quality and more durable components making them more reliable and allowing their use for advertising and signage purposes.

Digital signage does have to endure rougher treatment to the average LCD TV though, especially if it is left in public areas or where it can get easily knocked. A particular hazardous area for LCD and plasma screens is locating them outside.

Outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the development of waterproof LCDs and other all-weather digital signage systems. These devices can be expensive though and many of them are often designed with sole purposes in mind so signage used in colder parts of the world may not be suitable for warmer areas and vice versa.

However, an alternative and more flexible solution to outdoor digital signage is to use standard devices. These of course won’t last very long outside in the wind and rain but they can be protected by housing them in an LCD enclosure. The combined cost of the screen and the LCD enclosure is often a lot less than the price of an outdoor LCD.

Furthermore, these LCD enclosures can be sited in almost any hazardous area from factories and industrial shop floors to wet rooms and even operating theatres. As modern flat screen TV’s have a limited lifespan and LCD enclosure will help lengthen this but also as they house standard LCD TV equipment they can be reused time and time again by replacing the enclosed LCD.

Many of the LCD enclosures are designed and built to guidelines such as the European IP65 or the American NEMA 4 rating ensuring the protection they offer.

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