A Greener Future for Outdoor Digital Signage

There are many advantages to using outdoor digital signage: Its engaging, flexible, versatile and dynamic allowing advertisements to be scheduled for key times and even multiple adverts displayed on a single space.

But despite these advantages are there are drawbacks to using outdoor screens for promotion and advertising, especially when it concerns the environment.

There is always an environmental cost with outdoor advertising; even static signs that have to be erected and replaced by technicians, who drive around in vans, have a carbon outlay.

Going Green

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the need to be a little more eco-friendly but there are good economical reasons for it too as well as environmental ones.

Saving energy often goes hand in hand with saving money so any outdoor digital signage that saves energy is more cost effective than a less green and more power hungry system.

The biggest power usage with an outdoor digital display is the backlight. Backlighting is used by LCD TVs to ensure brightness of the image – the brighter the backlight then the brighter the image; however, its not just outdoor digital signage that is reliant on backlighting as static signs used in outdoor locations are often back-lit too, to allow them to be seen at night.

LED Back-lit LCD TVs

Saving on backlighting is therefore one method of reducing the carbon footprint of an outdoor digital signage campaign.

There has been a growing trend of using LCD TVs that are back-lit by LEDs. These save a dramatic amount of power in comparison to the standard incandescent back light while providing just as much brightness – essential for outdoor digital signage applications.

But there is another method of ensuring the green credentials of your outdoor digital signage campaign and ensuring you save money too.

Screen life

Too frequent replacements of LCD displays also have environmental impacts. Not only are you burdening the world with an LCD device that has to be thrown away but the energy and resources that go into making a new TV adds to the environmental impact.

Ensuring the screen runs as long as possible is therefore not only a sure fire way of saving money but will ensure the green credentials of your campaign.

Ensuring the outdoor digital signage display is in a good quality LCD enclosure that not only protects from the elements but also ensures the optimum conditions inside the enclosure is one method of ensuring the maximum longevity of an LCD TV.

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