How to Dust Proof Your Printer for Industrial Use

Dust Proof Your Printer for Industrial Use

Industrial workplace environments can stop printers working properly. The problem is most likely dust build-up, which clogs the printer heads, causing your printer to jam. The solution is to dust proof your printer with a robust, industrial printer enclosure.

It is unlikely that you will open your printer on a regular basis to clean it. This means that dust will accumulate daily and will go unnoticed until your printer breaks and needs repairing or replacing. Not only is this inconvenient, it is costly.

Cleaning a printer in an industrial workplace is not practical. The time it takes to clean a printer causes unnecessary disruption, affects your workflow, results in lost man hours and potentially loses your business money because of the downtime.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to stop dust occurring in industrial facilities. The best way to protect your printer is to prevent dust getting in. A robust, dust proof industrial printer cabinet is the cost-effective, long-term solution for protecting your printers, here’s why...

The Qualities of an Industrial Printer Enclosure

open industrial printer to clean it

It’s unlikely that you will open your industrial printer regularly to clean it. A printer enclosure is a great way to dust proof your equipment.

...An industrial printer enclosure enables you to position any printer, anywhere in your industrial facility, even areas prone to high dust levels. You do not have to buy new printing equipment. Instead, you can use your existing printers, which saves you time, money and is far more practical than integrating new printers.

Sealed to stop dust getting in, industrial printer cabinets prevent the daily build-up of dirt, which can lead to printer problems. You can access a printer enclosure through front and rear openings to retrieve printed items, such as labels. You can keep access points closed when your printer is not in use, minimising the amount of dust that gets in.

A printer enclosure is versatile and you can customise your cabinet to suit your industrial facility. For example, if you need a mobile printer, an enclosure can be fitted with wheels, allowing you to move your printer at your convenience, while protected.

Industrial printer enclosures are manufactured using powder coated mild steel, in accordance with European and North American ingress protection ratings. The IP code classifies and rates the degree of protection that a printer enclosure provides against dust and other potential damage threats.

Mild steel printer enclosures provide robust protection for your printer equipment, increasing the lifespan of your printers when used in an industrial environment. An enclosure can last for 10 years or more, protecting several printers in that time and giving you excellent value for money and a significant return on investment.

Printer enclosures require minimal maintenance

Printer enclosures require minimal maintenance and you won’t have to call out an engineer to service your printer at extra cost.

Practically, printer enclosures require minimal maintenance. Compared to industrial printers, enclosures do not require software updates or servicing at extra cost. There is no need for a specialist engineer to carry out maintenance and you can replace or upgrade your printer at your convenience.

Stainless Steel Printer Enclosures

If you are using a printer in a facility where hygiene is important and constant cleaning is required, such as a laboratory, a waterproof stainless steel enclosure is an easy-clean solution. This prevents dust building up on the enclosure, keeping your printer and your enclosure simultaneously free from dust.

You can use waterproof printer enclosures in wet and humid industrial facilities. You can customise them too, with the option to add heating and air-conditioning for use in freezers or very hot environments.

Long-term Use and Guarantees

printer enclosures protect all types of printing equipment

Armagard printer enclosures protect all types of printing equipment.

Armagard’s industrial computer enclosures give you a long-term, cost-effective solution for protecting your printers from dust. For extra assurance, enclosures in our industrial range come with a 5-year warranty for all mechanical parts.

If you need industrial computer enclosures to protect crucial printing equipment, call Armagard on +44 (0)121 608 7226.

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