Washdown Food Production Software Display Enclosures For Rossdown Farms

Rossdown Farms & Natural Foods chose Armagard's IP65 TV enclosure to protect its washdown food production software displays. Find out how the company uses Armagard's waterproof enclosures to boost productivity and save money.

Rungis Express Stainless Steel PC Enclosures and printers

Robust, IP65 Computer Enclosure Solutions for Rungis Express

Rungis Express needed computer and printer protection for a commissioning area, which is cleaned daily with a high-pressure hose. They required a non-corrosive, waterproof solution that would remain rust-free, plus they wanted to use their own PC systems and printers.

Florette, Spain Waterproof computer enclosures

Florette Favour Armagard Enclosures

Florette in Spain sought the help of Armagard, seeking an enclosure solution to safeguard computers used in their new food processing facility in Milagro (Navarra). They required a product that could deal with harsh conditions including: low temperatures and high humidity.

Asda heated printer enclosure

ASDA - Printer Enclosures for Freezer/Chillers Distribution Centres

Asda had new hubs which enabled Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) to back directly into freezers and chillers to load up. However, this process took 50 – 60 minutes because stock had to be barcoded and correctly labelled. The problem was, supermarkets could not use printers in their freezers or chillers because printer heads could not tolerate cold temperatures.

Northern Foods custom computer enclosures

Armagard supply custom designed computer enclosures to Northern Foods

Armagard has secured a prestigious contract to supply custom designed computer enclosures to Northern Foods, one of the UK's largest food manufacturers Ingress Protected rated (IP) enclosures have been specified to support the company-wide roll-out of an improved version of the company's SAP production computer system

John Rannoch custom computer enclosures

Armagard supply John Rannoch foods limited for data capture on shop floor

John Rannoch Foods, the Suffolk poultry specialist, has installed 35 Armagard terminals within its factory network. Each terminal is contained within a stainless steel enclosure designed specifically to meet the IP 67 specification for hostile wet environments.