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Robust, IP65 Computer Enclosure Solutions for Rungis Express

Armagard SENC-300, IP65 computer enclosure

Armagard SENC-300, IP65 computer enclosure.

About Rungis

Founded in 1978, German food distribution company Rungis Express supplies more than 3,000 products, sourced from over 60 countries.

As the market leader in its industry, Rungis Express purchases meat and poultry, fresh fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables, dairy produce, breads, oils and spices, on a global scale.

With facilities across Germany, including Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover and Munich, plus distribution centres in Austria, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland, Rungis Express delivers up to 45 tons of fresh goods to approximately 1,700 customers in one night.

The Challenge

Rungis Express needed computer and printer protection for a commissioning area, which is cleaned daily with a high-pressure hose.

They required a non-corrosive, waterproof solution that would remain rust-free, plus they wanted to use their own PC systems and printers.

The aim of Rungis Express was to integrate its own computers and printers in its commissioning area to improve productivity.

They wanted to do this as cost-effectively as possible, with minimal disruption to business operations.

Armagard's SENC-300, SENC-700 & SPRI-100

From left to right: SENC-300, SENC-700 & SPRI-100.

The Solution

Rungis Express chose Armagard’s SENC-300, SENC-700 and SPRI-100 stainless steel IP65 computer enclosure and printer cabinet solutions.

Each sealed to European and US industry standards, the SENC stainless steel computer cabinet and SPRI printer enclosure ranges are fully sealed and corrosion resistant.

Ideal for food production and distribution facilities, Armagard’s SENC and SPRI enclosure solutions are manufactured from food grade (316) stainless steel, which is naturally antibacterial. Each enclosure protects against liquid ingress, dust build-up and forceful impacts.

Internal fans ensure that PC and printer equipment operate at a stable temperature, easing the strain on computers and peripherals used in humid environments.

The SENC-300

food manufacturing facilities

Armagard's stainless steel solutions are ideal for food manufacturing facilities.

A compact waterproof enclosure, the SENC-300 is a space-saving solution for protecting thin-client PCs and monitors up to 17”.

The enclosure is fitted with a membrane keyboard and mouse, plus a shatterproof polycarbonate viewing window, which prevents computer screen breakages and potential food contamination.

The SENC-700

The versatile, stainless steel SENC-700 enclosure is designed to protect desktop computers and monitors up to 19”.

With multiple keyboard and mounting options, the SENC-700 is a flexible and adaptable solution, ideal for food distribution facilities.

The SPRI-100

A label printer enclosure, the stainless steel SPRI-100 protects most label printers on the market.

Easy to access without compromising printer protection, the enclosure is ideal for washdown areas.

It can be desktop or floor stand mounted allowing for the convenient positioning of workplace printers.

The Results

Since 2007, Armagard’s IP65 computer enclosure solutions and printer cabinets have protected PC and printer equipment used across Rungis facilities.

IT Manager at Rungis Express, Jörg Ziebell, said: “We have been using Armagard enclosures since 2007 and they are still fully waterproof and most importantly, rust-free, despite being washed down daily with a high-pressure hose for years.”

“Armagard had the best quality to cost ratio, and the biggest advantage is that they have proven products that allow us to use our own PC systems and printers. The customer service is brilliant, and the quality of the products is superb,” Ziebell added.

Armagard SENC-700 computer enclosure and SPRI-100 printer enclosure for Rungis Express

The Armagard SENC-700 computer enclosure and SPRI-100 printer enclosure for Rungis Express.

Benefits For Rungis Express

Rungis Express benefits from long-term PC and printer protection, which keeps IT maintenance costs down, improves equipment reliability and increases productivity.

Armagard’s IP65 computer enclosure solutions and printer cabinets allow Rungis to use their existing PCs and printers, while making equipment upgrades easier.

Ziebell said: “The quality and convenience of Armagard’s products is second to none. We are super-satisfied with them and will continue to use them for sure.”

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