Introducing The New Armagard Stainless-Steel 27" IP65 Computer Enclosure

Safely install computers and 27" monitors in washdown facilities. Our latest IP65 computer enclosure protects the PC and monitor of your choice from intensive daily cleaning.

You benefit from reliable, widescreen workstations directly on your shop floor.

Find out why the PC enclosure system is ideal for your food plant, pharmaceutical application, healthcare setting or washdown location.

Food-grade IP65 computer enclosure with lockable keyboard drawer
Boost productivity by using the IP65 computer enclosure to install PCs in any washdown location.

What's New About The IP65 Computer Enclosure?

The SENC-600 accommodates a larger screen, letting you use widescreen monitors up to 27" in harsh environments.

You get improved operator efficiency, as a 27" monitor is big enough to allow staff to 'split' the screen. That means they can view programs side by side, without having to flick back and forth. Operators get a faster workflow, which saves time and boosts productivity.

We've also reduced the depth of the PC enclosure system. At 76mm slimmer than the SENC-500 (our 24" enclosure), it gives you the benefit of a larger screen without compromising space.

Where Can The SENC-600 Be Used?

IP65 computer enclosure with open door, showing installed PC, monitor and keyboard, plus side view
The IP65 computer enclosure lets you use the small tower PC and VESA-ready, 27" monitor of your choice.

The IP65 computer enclosure has a food-grade construction ideal for any industry governed by strict hygiene standards.

The IP65 rating lets you jet wash the enclosure with no risk to the hardware inside. You can leave the computer on during washdown, for quick cleaning that doesn't interrupt your production schedule.

The 316 stainless-steel body is corrosion resistant and antibacterial. You can safely clean the unit with harsh chemical agents, giving you peace of mind about shop-floor hygiene in any sterile location or industry:

  • Food and beverage processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Medical settings
  • Laboratories
  • Clean rooms

A choice of mounting and keyboard options make sure you get the ideal set-up for your staff. Choose stand, worktop or wall mounting (flush or with optional brackets) to install the PC enclosure system in the most productive location. Then select a fixed keyboard shelf, a sliding keyboard drawer or an integrated, IP65 keyboard with touch pad.

An axial fan recirculates air around the enclosure, for maximum computer lifespan in warm locations. Request an optional heater to safely install workstations in cool environments.

Combine the SENC-600 with one of our waterproof printer enclosures to give staff a complete IT solution in any washdown location.

Why Choose Armagard?

Big-name food and pharmaceutical brands trust our products to protect hardware in washdown and refrigerated environments, including Cranswick, MSD, Greencore, Nestlé and more.

You benefit from:

  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • In-house design, manufacturing and testing
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Five-year warranties

You also enjoy a low total cost of ownership and greater flexibility than with all-in-one, panel PCs. Use the computer and VESA-compatible monitor of your choice. Easy access lets you install, remove and upgrade the PC yourself, without the cost of a specialist engineer.

An expected 10-year lifespan means you can use a single enclosure to protect successive computers over several years, making it highly cost-effective.

Learn More About The SENC-600

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