Stainless Steel Computer Enclosures For The Food Industry

Stainless Steel Computer Enclosures for the Food Industry

Computers, label printers and touch screen panels require protection on the food processing floor, not only to prevent damage, but to stop the spread of germs. Armagard's stainless steel PC and printer enclosures are washdown ready, germ resistant and trusted worldwide by some of the biggest names in food...

Armagard enclosures are the first and last line of defence for PCs, printers and touchscreen panels on the food processing floor. Manufactured using high-grade, 316 (food-grade) stainless steel, you can expect waterproof, corrosion resistant computer equipment protection that can be jet-washed for easy cleaning and germ prevention.

Armagard for Stainless Steel PC Enclosures

stainless steel computer enclosure in food processing facility
Armagard's stainless steel computer enclosures are widely used by food processing facilities.

Protect existing computers, improve performance, cut costs and prevent the spread of germs with Armagard's stainless steel PC enclosures. Sealed to IP65 industry standards, they are completely waterproof and can accommodate most desktop screens, plus a conventional keyboard and mouse.

With a natural resistance to the build-up of germs, Armagard stainless steel enclosures reduce the spread of bacterial transfer from multiple computer users, while protecting your capital assets against the surrounding environment.

Fully customizable and usable in temperatures ranging from -5°C to +40°C, they are incredibly versatile and built to meet the demands of any food processing facility. Delivered ready to use, you can wall mount enclosures or have them freestanding.

Armagard for Printer Enclosures

Armagard's printer enclosure
Armagard's one of a kind printer enclosures can operate in temperatures as low as -30°C.

Now you can bring your printer right to the heart of the food processing floor with Armagard, waterproof printer enclosures. No more unnecessary traipsing back and forth from the office to print labels or delivery notes, causing delays.

Our printer enclosures improve reliability too, reducing the chances of jamming and protecting expensive printer heads. Completely customizable, our enclosures can accommodate any mainstream printer. Used in temperatures as low as -30°C, they are ideal for facilities needing printing capabilities in refrigerated or freezer environments.

Armagard for Touchscreen Enclosures

Armagard touchscreen Enclosures

Improve productivity, data entry and reduce human error with Armagard, waterproof touchscreen enclosures. The complete, compact computer solution for any food facility, our touchscreen systems come with a touchscreen monitor housed in a classic enclosure. Used by leading food and drink producers worldwide, they cut costs and supercharge output.

Your staff benefit from systems that are simple to use, make data entry easier and improve accuracy. Small in size, our touchscreen enclosures are ideal for facilities with limited space and they are fully operational with a gloved hand and without the need for a keyboard or mouse. A highly practical solution that improves performance.

Why Armagard?

For more than 25 years, Armagard enclosures have protected computer equipment that's crucial to food industry processes. As we speak, £5 billion worth of electronics are in the care of our environmental enclosures, providing a long-lasting, cost-effective solution that provides an attractive, clean finish and is incredibly low-maintenance.

For more information about how Armagard stainless steel enclosures can improve performance and cut costs for your food facility, visit or call +44 (0)121 608 7226. Alternatively, email