What Is A PC HMI Enclosure For Washdown Locations?

A PC HMI enclosure protects TVs, touch screens and PCs from jet washing and industrial hazards. These protective cabinets are made from 316 stainless steel and are industry rated to IP54/65/69K. They're ideal for food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other washdown industries.

An industrial operator using a PC HMI enclosure

Use a PC HMI enclosure to install a computer safely in any industrial location.

What Is A PC HMI Enclosure?

SENC-500 PC HMI enclosure with a sliding keyboard drawer

The SENC-500 PC HMI enclosure has a food-grade construction that helps you meet hygiene standards.

HMI (human-machine interface) enclosures are protective cabinets for devices like touch screens, TVs and PCs.

Also known as HMI panel enclosures, they house your devices in a 316 stainless-steel body. This food-grade material is antibacterial and corrosion resistant, so it's ideal for washdown locations.

Each enclosure is rated to IP54, IP65 or IP69K, depending on your application. That means you can carry out intensive daily cleaning with high-pressure jets, for maximum hygiene on your shop floor.

Internal climate controls maintain a safe operating temperature for your screens and computers (model dependant). Range topping HMI enclosures let you run a screen continuously from -30°C to +35°C.

You can get waterproof industrial workstations for monitors from 17" to 24" and food manufacturing cabinets for screens from 32" to 86". Both are available with single or dual touch foils, which turn the screen into an interactive display.

A PC HMI enclosure gives you peace of mind about your hardware in any washdown industry:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical applications
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Waste treatment
  • And more!

What Are The Benefits Of HMI Enclosures For Washdown Locations?

55 inch HMI panel enclosure displaying KPI metrics

A 55" HMI panel enclosure is ideal for installing KPI screens above your production line.

1. Improve Productivity And Communication

Industrial computer cabinets let you install PCs directly on your production line. This saves time, as workers don't need to leave the floor to use a PC. They can access what they need, when they need it, thanks to desk, stand or wall mounted enclosures on your shop floor.

You can also boost productivity with washdown touch screen cabinets. These responsive touch screens work through gloves, giving staff an uninterrupted workflow that adds up to significant time savings over the course of a shift.

Food processing digital signage enclosures accommodate screens up to 86", so you can use them to make KPIs and safety information visible across your facility. They easily network to PCs, allowing you to quickly manage and change the content you show. These displays work reliably 24/7, and you can leave them on during daily washdown — for maximum production uptime.

2. Maintain Hygiene Standards

stainless-steel PC HMI enclosure installed on a food production line

Use 316 stainless-steel PC HMI enclosures to install computers safely in food plants.

A PC HMI enclosure has a food-grade design that helps you meet strict hygiene standards.

They're made from 316 stainless-steel, which is antibacterial and corrosion resistant. Watch out for lower grades of steel, like 304. 316 stainless contains 2–3% molybdenum, which gives it superior corrosion resistance. 304, on the other hand, is likely to degrade under washdown, which can lead to bacteria build-up.

316 stainless is also quick and easy to clean. It withstands cleaning with harsh chemicals, making it the ideal material for enclosures in hygienic industries. Choose the right IP rating for your application to benefit from safe, fast cleaning:

  • IP56: Protects against low-pressure washdown
  • IP65: Protects against daily pressure washing
  • IP69K: Protects against intensive steam cleaning up to 80°C and 80–100 bars of pressure

Food manufacturing display cabinets have shatterproof polycarbonate windows that are 20x stronger than glass. In the unlikely event of a breakage, the polycarbonate won't shard into tiny pieces, which protects your production line from contamination.

A PC HMI enclosure gives you confidence in the hygiene of your facility. It helps you avoid shutdown and recalls due to contamination, giving you peace of mind about the reputation of your brand.

3. Get A Low Total Cost Of Ownership

Stainless-steel IP65 waterproof HMI enclosures are a versatile alternative to all-in-one panel PCs.

By separating the enclosure from the device inside, you get to choose the PC/TV/touch screen you want. Easy access means you can remove, repair and upgrade your device at any time, without the help of a specialist technician.

An expected 10-year lifespan means you can use the same HMI panel enclosure to protect successive screens and PCs over several years, making each enclosure highly cost-effective.

Finally, custom options mean you can get an enclosure that meets the needs of your business. Choose the ideal size, climate controls and IP ratings for your application.

Why Choose Armagard?

Stainless-steel HMI cabinets maximise the reliability and longevity of your critical systems, so choose a manufacturer you can trust.

By choosing Armagard, you benefit from:

  • Over 30 years of industry experience
  • In-house design, manufacturing and testing
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Five-year warranties

Over 100,000 Armagard enclosures protect screens and IT equipment in 53 countries. Previous customers include some of the biggest food brands in the UK and Europe, including Del Monte, Asda and Florette.

Learn More About HMI Panel Enclosures For Your Business

Improve communication, boost productivity and maintain hygiene in your facility. Contact Armagard for advice about the best PC HMI enclosures for your business.

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