Armagard's Journey To ISE 2021 In Barcelona

The Armagard team exhibiting at ISE

ISE 2021 will be the start of a new era for Integrated Systems Europe. ISE is moving to Barcelona, and Armagard is pleased to announce it will be exhibiting, hall 6, stand F808.

It will be the 10th year for Armagard at the show — and what a venue to mark the occasion. ISE 2021 is taking place at Gran Via, in the Fira de Barcelona exhibition complex, 1–4 June 2021.

The show has been the launchpad for new Armagard products and productive relationships with customers all over the world. Here’s a rundown of the 10-year journey Armagard has been on at the show, plus what you can expect at ISE Barcelona.

Armagard's 10-Year Journey To ISE 2021


During Armagard's first year at ISE, the company exhibited screen protection solutions from its LCD enclosure line. These units were available in landscape and portrait designs.

Armagard's landscape and portrait LCD enclosures to be shown at ISE 2021

Armagard's classic LCD enclosures made digital signage easy and cost-effective.

These enclosures provided complete protection for almost any VESA-compatible display. Features included temperature control, IP ratings and vandal-proof materials, ensuring reliable outdoor use.

The LCD enclosure range was popular for being a versatile and cost-effective digital signage solution. Attendees saw the benefits of installing the screen and media player of their choice, rather than being tied to inflexible, purpose-built outdoor displays.


At ISE 2013, Amsterdam, Armagard unveiled two new products:

The touch screen enclosure used a projected capacitive touch foil to make an LCD display interactive. It allowed users to benefit from the brand-boosting benefits of an interactive screen in any outdoor location.

The 47" outdoor totem range brought visible, robust digital signage to public locations. These units had an IP56 rating, for outdoor use, and a stylish design that made them ideal for advertising, information and wayfinding in retail environments.

Touch screen LCD enclosures in portrait and landscape

Touch screen functionality helped businesses engage customers with interactive promotions.


The 2014 ISE show was the platform for the unveiling of the 72" LCD digital signage enclosure. This unit combined great aesthetics with maximum screen protection.

The aim was to help businesses boost customer engagement and generate maximum ROI from their digital advertising. As typical of an Armagard enclosure, the mild-steel, IP-rated body provided comprehensive protection against adverse weather, vandalism and physical impact


At ISE 2015, Armagard expanded its successful LCD enclosure range with a stainless-steel version for wet environments.

The stainless-steel LCD enclosure housed a screen in a food-grade (316) stainless-steel body and protected it to IP56 or IP65 standards. The enclosure was designed with jet washing and intensive cleaning in mind, making it ideal for food manufacturing and clean industries.

Washdown TV enclosure for food processing environments

The stainless-steel LCD enclosure allowed safe TV use in washdown environments.


Armagard's 55" edge-to-edge glass totem was the company's showpiece product at ISE 2016.

The 55" edge-to-edge glass totem was designed for engaging, eye-level advertising — ideal for drive thru lanes, service station restaurants, roadside diners and transport hubs.

The enclosure featured an innovative, temperature-sensing environmental controller board. This allowed users to automatically manage the on-off commands for the unit's air curtains, fans and heaters, while also powering the media player and display.

The controller board was operational remotely, making the 55" totem a user-friendly and time-saving solution for any business.

Armagard's 55 inch freestanding totem for weatherproof digital advertising

The 55" monolith totem provided businesses with stylish, all-weather advertising.


The new-look 42" QSR totem was the focus at Integrated Systems Europe 2017.

The quick service restaurant totem housed and protected most 42" high-bright screens. It was designed to improve the customer experience, boost menu engagement and increase average order value. As an outdoor-ready solution, the totem provided complete defence against rainfall, windblown debris, physical damage and vandalism.

42 inch digital signage totem for fast food restaurants and drive thrus

The QSR totem was designed to help fast food restaurants boost average order value.

2018 - 2019

The Samsung OH-F totem was the focal point at ISE 2018 and 2019.

With a design approved by Samsung Korea, the OH-F totem stood out with its slim-profile design, all-weather functionality and incredible versatility. Users could mount one, two or three Samsung OH46F or OH55F screens on the unit and install it any location. These 2,500 NITS displays provided businesses with visible and effective promotions in any weather.

A lower media compartment kept additional AV hardware operating in ideal conditions. Climate control technology regulated airflow, temperature and power, allowing continuous advertising in extreme temperatures.

For greatest versatility, the system also gave users the option of buying the enclosure on its own or with the 46" or 55" screens included.

Also introduced was the slimline, professional LCD/LED enclosure. This updated version of Armagard’s trend-setting LCD enclosure combined a sleek design with advanced protective features, providing a stylish digital signage solution ideal for customer-facing environments.

Armagard's freestanding totem designed for Samsung OHF screens to be shown at ISE 2021

Armagard's OHF totem protected 46" and 55" Samsung screens, with a design approved by Samsung Korea.


ISE 2020 was an exciting show for Armagard. The company had a second stand for the first time and received a record number of enquiries despite an overall drop in visitors.

Armagard unveiled three new product ranges:

  • The DigiStopper™: A pioneering digital signage solution available in battery-powered and mains-powered models. This portable unit stood out thanks to its dual-sided design and easy manoeuvrability.
  • The petrol pump topper: An eye-level digital advertising solution that mounts on top of a petrol pump. This dual-sided unit engages customers from both sides, for maximum ROI
  • The slimline, stainless-steel LCD/LED enclosure: This slim-profile version of the 55" stainless-steel enclosure has reduced dimensions for improved aesthetics. Food-grade (316) stainless steel makes it ideal for clean industries.
Armagard's portable DigiStopper™ and dual-sided pump-top display to be shown at ISE 2021

The portable DigiStopper™ and pump-top display and were popular for their innovative designs.

What To Expect At ISE 2021 In Barcelona

The venue has changed, as have the global events surrounding ISE 2021, but Armagard's approach to the show will stay the same. It's another opportunity to meet valued customers and build new partnerships.

You can talk to Armagard's team and see new and established products in action — hall 6, stand F808.

It should be a great start to an exciting new chapter for Integrated Systems Europe. We look forward to seeing you at ISE 2021.

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This post was written by Ben Telford

Ben Telford

As Armagard’s head of content, Ben oversees the production of articles, web copy, guest blogs and more. He aims to make Armagard’s expertise in digital screen protection accessible to customers so they can choose the right solutions for them. Find Ben on LinkedIn.

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