Who Uses LCD Enclosures and Why?

LCD enclosures are increasingly becoming a popular item for those wanting to protect LCD screens. LCD enclosures are often steel housings that allow standard or commercial screens to be erected in areas where they can’t normally survive.

LCD enclosures are used either outdoors, in industrial areas or where there is a risk of damage, vandalism or tampering and there are numerous reasons for erecting a screen in such a location and include:

• Digital signage
• Providing information
• Warning signs
• Digital advertising

Outdoor Digital Signage

One of the fastest media; outdoor digital signage is becoming increasingly common along our high streets, shop frontages and even on bus stops, news stands and on railway platforms. Outdoor digital signage is a cost effective method of raising brand awareness or advertising to a large audience.

Whilst outdoor LCD TVs are commonly available they are incredibly expensive and whilst they allow a TV to be used in an outdoor location they offer very little protection against thieves or vandals. LCD enclosures are manufactured from steel and are resistant to attack and impacts.

All sorts of organisations use outdoor digital signage, including:

• Advertisers
• Retailers
• Marketers

Digital Notice boards

Another common use for LCD enclosures is providing information. Notice boards have commonly been used outside churches, colleges and other public buildings. They are also commonly used in industrial areas but they do have their problems. Information is easily lost amongst the clutter and posting on notice boards can be time consuming.

A digital signage notice board will allow instant upload of information and older messages can be automatically deleted. It is also more modern and engaging making it more likely that the information will be read.

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