When the Rains Come – Protecting Outdoor Screens in Inclement Weather

Outdoor digital signage has a multitude of uses: advertising, promotion, marketing, brand building and providing information, making it an extremely flexible, versatile, and reactive medium.

There are plenty of challenges to implementing it though. The outdoor screen has to be sited in best location possible, preferably an area with the highest potential audience and that is mounted in the most visible way possible – not too high and ensuring the screen is facing the oncoming viewers.

But the most important and possibly greatest challenge of implementing outdoor digital signage is protecting the screen from the weather.

LCD screens, commonly used for digital signage applications, can’t just be taken outdoors and be expected to work. They are not waterproof (even though waterproof LCD systems are available at an extremely high cost) and other inclement weather such as extreme cold and heat will also disable the device.

Protecting outdoor LCD screens is quite straightforward if you select the correct hardware. Protective outdoor LCD enclosures are just that. They ensure almost any type of LCD screen can be taken outdoors and used in all types of weather.

LCD enclosures are often waterproof but will keep out all sorts of elements – not just the rain or snow. Airborne dust and other particles are kept out whilst inside the enclosure and contain thermostatically controlled heaters and cooling fans are installed to ensure the environment inside the enclosure is the optimum for that device.

An added advantage to LCD enclosures is that they are usually manufactured from steel. This makes them extremely tough and provides a defensive barrier against impacts and acts of vandalism – another important factor for outdoor digital signage screens, especially if they are installed in unmanned or unsupervised locations.

LCD enclosure are an easy, cost effective way of implementing outdoor digital signage without all the headaches and high cost of devices like waterproof and outdoor TV screens.

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