What can be Protected in an Industrial Enclosure?

Industrial enclosures protect electronic equipment from the rigours and hazards of industrial and shop floor environments. Enclosures allow the safe use of standard equipment in hostile areas and the type of equipment that can be protected is quite extensive. All industrial enclosures are designed to offer dustproof and waterproof protection for computers, printers and mobitors.

PC Enclosures

Computers in industrials areas are commonly housed in an industrial computer enclosure. These are no just merely protective metal cabinets but they house thermostatically controlled heating and cooling systems to ensure the optimum operating temperature within the enclosure. Most industrial PC enclosures are designed to operate with dusty and wet areas, some IP65 rated industrial computer enclosure can even be safely hosed down in wash down areas.

Printer Enclosures

Printer enclosures are another common protective cabinet in use. Printers are often used in industrial areas for despatch and goods in purposes. Often printers need to be used in extremely hazardous areas such as freezers where the cold temperatures will freeze conventional print heads and printer systems. A heated printer enclosure allows the safe and continual use of a printer in temperatures as low as -30 degrees.


Monitor enclosure and LCD enclosures allow the safe use of displays, monitors and flatscreen TV’s in hazardous areas. Features of an LCD enclosure usually include shatterproof screens allowing their safe use in food production areas where broken glass can cause shut down.

Servers and Hardware Safes

Other hardware such as servers, routers and auxiliary hard drives can be kept in enclosures too. Rackmount enclosures are available as are PC safes to protect vital equipment from theft.

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