Weatherproof TV – Budget Solutions

There was a time where the only place you would have found a TV set was in the front room of people’s homes.  As TV’s became cheaper – especially with the introduction of the portable – and smaller they then moved into bedrooms and kitchens.

Now, with the development of the flat screen television, with plasma and LCDs replacing the existing devices in people’s homes, the TV is now being installed out of home.

Digital signage is a common site around shopping malls and other public locations while there has been a growing trend of people installing TV devices in their backyard, poolside, patio or deck.

Outdoor TVs are the ultimate home accessory, enabling you to relax in the backyard, beside the pool, or by the barbecue, whilst enjoying your favourite TV shows, or watching the big game.

Using a TV outside does come with problems attached, however. Simply installing a standard LCD or plasma screen in your backyard will not last very long. The first time it rains, or the temperature rises too high, and the screen could fail and will, therefore, need weatherization.

Protecting screens outdoors is therefore, an essential aspect of being able to use a TV in an outside environment. There is also not just the weather and temperature to consider but if it is to be left overnight, it needs to be secure too.

Outdoor LCD enclosures are a simple and cost effective method of weatherproofing a TV outside. They can house almost any make or model of LCD or plasma screen, whether it’s a new device bought specially for outside, or an older model taken from the home.

The LCD enclosure protects the housed screen completely from the weather. Rainfall, snow, sleet, hail and wind-blown dust are all kept out of the device, whilst internal systems such as fans inside the enclosure ensure the conditions are the optimum for an LCD or plasma screen.

They are also a secure method of installing an outdoor TV as the LCD enclosures can be bolted securely to a wall, from a ceiling or on a mount or bracket. Once erected, and with tamperproof locks fitted, the housed TV will be resistant to attempts at theft and tough enough to withstand impacts and/or vandalism.

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