UK Outdoor Digital Signage Continues to Thrive

While nobody can deny that digital out of home (Dooh) is continuing to grow, this growth is slowing down in the indoor market as indoor advertisers are reaching a zenith. There is, after-all, only a limited amount of space where screens can be situated and digital indoor, in many towns and cities, is ubiquitous.

The outdoor market, however, has plenty of potential for growth; at the moment £1 in every £8 of outdoor advertising is being spent on outdoor digital signage, and, with plenty of room to expand the market for outdoor screens is continuing to thrive.

Who Uses Outdoor Digital Signage?

All sorts of industries and businesses are using outdoor digital signage for marketing, branding, promotions and information:

Retailers –For retail, outdoor has many advantages over indoor systems. While an indoor screen will help promote items to customers inside a store, outdoor can draw customers into their premises.

Advertisers – Outdoor advertisers are one of the largest users of outdoor screens. There are some key advantages for going advertising companies for going digital . Firstly, digital screens are more eye-catching than standard static posters. Secondly, a digital screen can play multiple adverts for multiple customers, maximising the revenue potential of the ad space, and thirdly, outdoor digital signage does not require somebody to manually rep[lace the screens as it can be done remotely.

Transport hubs – for railways and bus stations outdoor digital signage is ideal for providing timetabling information and news of cancellations and delays as it is instant. News can be relayed in real time giving up-to-the-minute information to passengers.

Getting Involved

Many people assume that outdoor digital advertising, whether it is for advertising, promotion, branding or information, is both difficult and expensive. And while there are certainly challenges in keeping the screen protected from the weather and vandalism it need not be expensive to provide all-round protection.

An LCD enclosure will house just about any type of flatscreen device, either LCD, LED backlit or plasma and will keep it protected from the weather, temperature and impacts. They are cost effective with a combined cost of commercial screen and enclosure far lower than many outdoor digital signage systems.

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