Touchscreen and Outdoor Digital Signage – Using Interactive Screens

Since LCD screens and plasma TVs have taken over the home television market, their use hasn’t been just confined to homes. Modern flatscreen TVs are now just as likely to be used out of the home as part of a digital signage or advertising campaign.

Digital signage displays are now regularly seen in shopping malls and retail stores and are used for advertising, promotion and raising brand awareness providing advertisers and retailers a platform to get raise their profile with large public audiences.

And indoor screens are not the only out of home use for digital signage as increasingly screens are being taken outside and used as outdoor digital signage. While there are many advantages to outdoor digital signage compared to indoor screens: higher audiences and less digital competition to name but two, there are some downsides to it too.

Ensuring people see the sign is one of the most difficult aspects of outdoor digital signage as people are only too keen to walk past, or have little attention to the signage as they walk to whatever destination they are headed. However, one method to increase readability of an outdoor digital signage system is to provide information content mixed in with the advertisements to provide a cause for people to look at the screen.

Furthermore, you can encourage outdoor digital signage viewership by providing interactive services too, such as wayfinding, local news, weather or other information which the audience can physically interact with.

Touch screens provide a good platform for outdoor digital signage in that they encourage people to use the screen, to perhaps find a location or check the news, whilst also enabling advertising to be displayed on the screen.

Touch screens still need to be protected from the outdoor elements of course but this poses problems as the screen has to be exposed to all allow the touchscreen technology to operate.

Enclosures for touchscreens and touchscreen compatible LCD enclosure are a simple solution for protecting these displays in outdoor locations ensuring the device is protected from the weather and also able to take physical punishment from attempts at vandalism.

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